Session IPA

ABV 3,50
Antall i kasse 24
Produsent Stigbergets Bryggeri
Volum 0,44 l
Allergener Bygg, Hvete

What does it even mean?

It’s hard to say exactly why sometime’s we name a beer after something deeply

philosophical or theosophical and other times we just say exactly what it is. Maybe

sometimes we don’t want you to think we’ve disappeared too deep into our wistful little

heads. So here it is, exactly(ish) what is says on the can. No mental legwork required from

you or us. So just enjoy it for what it is.

What you need to know though.

It’s a session NEIPA 3.5%. In Sweden we call beers of this ABV folköl. Peoples beers.

Nice isn’t it? We’ve drawn inspiration from our flagship West Coast by using the exact

same hops (grams per litre and all!) Citra and Mosaic, but we’ve had to play with the malt

bill a little bit to give you that extra body and flavour. Extra pale base, munich, vienna, rye,

wheat, oats and actually quite a lot more beyond that. Straw colour, light but creamy body,

low bitterness with lots of tropical fruit and citrus on the nose. Designed to be quaffed.


Vekt 460,00 g