Putin Huilo

ABV 8,00
Antall i kasse 20
Produsent Pravda Craft Brewery
Volum 0,33 l
Passer til Lam, Storfe, Storvilt, Svin
Allergener Bygg, Havre

Smak It has a rich taste with a slight bitterness and a sweet aftertaste.
Aroma It has a rich aroma of hops.

Dry-hopped Saphir delivers a beautiful citrus aroma and flavor while adding balance to this strong golden ale. During the creation of this beer, dry hopping technology is used. That is, after the completion of the fermentation processes, dried hops, in this case, 6 kg of Sapphire hops, are immersed in the fermenter for a period of several days to several weeks. Dry hopping does not give beer bitterness, beer prepared using this technology has a rich aroma of hops.

Bronze medal at the 2018 World Beer Idol in Czechia


Vekt 360,00 g