Modus Bibendi Bianco

ABV 12,50
Antall i kasse 6
Produsent Az. Agr. Elios
Region Sicilia
Volum 0,75 l

Grillo is one of the most interesting native Sicilian grapes, though difficult to grow and manage. Its very name “Grillo”, which in Italian means grasshopper, indicates the “hopping” nature of the variety, which often does not ripen uniformly and so the production of wine is not constant.

In the past it was “not respected” as a grape since it was harvested when over-ripe and used for blending in the production of Marsala, or vinified in small amounts, in imitation of French wines produced with Sauvignon blanc to cater for international tastes.

When we set our sights on the Grillo grapes cultivated in the Camporeale vineyard back in 2015, we decided to make it into the wine it is, Grillo, and not as a high grade or as a Sauvignon blanc. We wanted to give those grapes – and therefore the wine – a very clear identity, obtaining a medium-bodied wine with good acidity, well-balanced with its alcohol content. It has an aromatic profile reminiscent of the Mediterranean maquis rather than tropical fruit.

This is our way of interpreting Grillo and we strongly believe in its revival, but only if it is naturally vinified for what it really is, without copying French models.


Vekt 1250,00 g